Looking for some new healthy kid’s snack inspo? Find it here with these 10 Kid + Mom approved snack options!

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Save time at the grocery store with these Healthy + Kid Approved at your doorstop Snacks!

When it comes to kid’s snacks the options are endless!  I try to offer my kids healthy snacks, but let’s be honest, sometimes quick + easy trumps homemade + healthy. Now that my kids are tall enough to reach our snack basket I moved treats to a hard-to-reach bin (winning). These sweet treats are now limited for good behavior or eating all of dinner. Yes, I often use snacks + treats as bribery (cue the Mom Guilt). But my kids thrive on reward and “whatever works” is my motto at this stage in life.  So what was left in the snack basket minus the treats? Our 3 staples: Skinny Pop, Pirates Booty and GoGo Apple Sauce squeezes. We were getting by fine with these snacks on the weekends thanks to the preschool providing weekday snacks. However, my daughter started Kinder this year and with a new school came new routines.

In Kinder at my daughter’s school a dry snack must be sent each day.  That’s on average 180 snacks per year – yikes!   This was the perfect opportunity dive into the pantry and inventory the snack situation.   This summer I decided to revamp our school lunch routine in addition to finding new snacks. Check out Balanced School Lunches Kids Will Make + Love Eating for an easy lunch box routine!

My initial approach was to take my kids to the grocery store to pick-out some new snacks. We all know the grocery store with kids is feat in itself! After battling over fruit roll-ups and Doritos being thrown in the cart I decided to abort the grocery store snack mission.  That night I hopped on Amazon and started browsing things like “healthy snacks for kids”.  I couldn’t believe how many great options there are that I’ve never noticed. I did a mass order with a variety of options for my kids to try. As a result, find my top 10 kid + mom approved snacks below to include my 3 pantry staples of course.  A good mix of grains, proteins and fruit belong in your snack basket.  Easy links below to purchase on Amazon should you choose.

Efficiency Tip! Time + Money saver for Amazon Prime members, all of these are available on Subscribe and Save!  Set up easy bi-monthly, monthly, every other month delivery!  One less thing on the to-do list to think about mommas. Bonus! Avoid battles at the grocery store with your littles over snacks.

10 kid + mom approved snacks at your doorstep!


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