Don’t stress over travel with your littles. Read these mom hacks that saved our sanity on flights with our kiddos! No need to overpack Momma, but make sure you have the essentials in your carry-on. Like ziplocks bags. Read why below!

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#1 – Snap & Go

Traveling with an infant?  Leave your fancy stroller home and use a Snap & Go.  Most all baby carriers drop right into it with no attachment needed. There is storage room for bags, blankets, etc.  You also don’t have to worry about your everyday stroller getting damaged when it’s thrown around with all the other luggage under the plane.  I often see these at secondhand stores too! A great way to recycle an awesome product.

#2 – Car Seat

The first time we traveled with my daughter as a toddler I didn’t think to bring the car seat on the plane. It just seemed like too much of a hassle. Boy was I wrong!  She was all over the place, crawling up the seats and all over me.  Let’s just say It was a long flight!  When my son was just over two years old and too big to sit on my lap we decided to try the car seat on the plane. Best decision ever! He fell right asleep just like if we were in the car and when he did wake up, he couldn’t climb around. Phew, this momma even got to enjoy some quiet time on the flight with a glass of wine!

#3 – Car Seat Travel Cart

If you’re traveling with a toddler this Britax Car Seat Travel Cart is a must have!  Not only is it fun for the kiddos to ride in their seat but it allows you to bring the car seat on the airplane. Its basically like pulling a suitcase, genius!

#4 – Travel Trays

These travel trays fit right onto the car seat or in your child’s lap in the airplane/car.  We’ve been using these for a couple of years and it’s made traveling with the kids so easy.  What do I put in them?  I suggest you fill the pockets with everything your kiddos like to do. For example, invisible markers, waterworks books, magnet toys, etc.  My daughter especially loves the dry erase markers, writing and erasing over and over again!

#5 – Ziplocks & Clothes

For the plane or a road trip, throw in a few gallon zip lock bags for soiled clothes, trash, etc. Plus a change of clothes for both the kids and adults. After my bestie’s son threw up all over her on the plane and she had to sit in a sports bra for a 5-hour flight because her shirt was soaked I now travel prepared. I pack a tee for me and my husband just in case there is a spill, blowout or someone gets sick on the plane. If your kids are out of diapers still keep a pack of wipes in your bag too for quick clean-ups! I’m here to tell you the airplane cocktail napkins don’t soak anything up. We also learned the hard way when our 2-year old son got car sick on a drive through the mountains in Colorado. He went through four outfits in just 3-hours. Everything got thrown out since we didn’t have anywhere to put it and the smell in the car was unbearable. We now travel with barf bags, towels and a. stash of ziplocks for long road trips.

#6 – Take & Toss Cups

How many times has your child’s favorite sippy cup been left behind?  Grab a pack of these take & toss cups for just $3 a pack. These also come in handy for drink service on the plane. They do not offer lids and straws with the airline cups!

#7 – Suckers

Flying with a baby? Pop a bottle or pacifier in for take-off and landing to help your baby’s ears pressurize. Once my kiddos got past the age of using a bottle I needed something to have for them to suck on and suckers seemed like the easiest solution! Now I always keep a stash in my travel bag, for flights and trips through the mountains.  Also a great distraction mid-flight if you need to buy yourself some time.

#8 – Snacks, Snaks & More Snacks

This seems obvious, but be prepared with extra snacks, formula, baby food, etc. If you get stuck in a snow storm and the airport shops are closed be sure you have enough to get you through your delay. I pack snacks that take my kids time to eat, like raisins, gold fish, and pretzels.  Also, be sure to make these accessible! On top of your bag or in a side pocket for easy access.

#9 – Diapers

When it comes to diapers don’t take up suitcase space. Either Amazon them ahead to your hotel/destination or I always like to stuff them into the checked car seat bag. Some airlines are a little more strict about this, but you can usually get away with a small pack of diapers shoved in the bag with your checked car seat. Also, be sure you have more then you think you need in your carry-on bag. Surprisingly not a lot of airport shops carry diapers.

#10 – Backpacks

Backpacks for all when flying! Don’t mess around with trying to let your toddler pull a suitcase. They make some cute ones, but trust me…you’ll end up carrying it after a while. My husband and I learned this the hard way the first time we traveled with two toddlers. It’s also hard for the littles to pull these down the airplane aisle.

Bonus: Masking Tape & Why You Should Travel with It!

One thing that has saved us on long flights with our kiddos is the simplest thing, but something I never would have thought of on my own. A few years ago a girlfriend pulled a small roll of colorful masking tape out of her bag and told me to take it on the plane for emergency moments. Well that was about the best advice I ever got when it came to a kid distraction that cost me next to nothing. My daughter played with the tape for almost an hour! It took her some time to figure out how to tear it, but once she did she had so much fun sticking it all over the place. The best part is that its masking tape to it comes right off. I now keep a roll in every bag, purse, backpack, car, etc. to pull out in a pinch. About a year later I was thrilled to find this Melissas & Doug activity book that actual uses masking tape! Genius! My daughter is now 5-years old and still loves playing with tape.

I hope you will find these travel hacks helpful! Travel with little ones is always a little stressful, but with some pre-planning and organization you can avoid a lot of stress by being prepared. Happy and Safe Travels!

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