Valentine’s Day is just one week away! Today I am sharing three easy DIY Valentines that your kiddos will love making + love handing out to classmates!

February is one of my favorite months and I love Valentine’s Day! Not only because I get flowers from my husband, but because it makes my heart smile to see how excited my kids get about making their own valentines. There is something special about a handmade valentine and it doesn’t have to take long or cost much to do.

Three DIY Valentines for You:

My kids have loved making these valentines the past few years!  This year the Candy Butterflies and Smarties are back on our list.  I’m here to tell you momma, you too can make Pinterest worthy valentines in just one night with your kiddos.  Order what you need on Amazon, print the free printables provided and block out an hour to help your kids assemble everything.  Boom!

Candy Butterfly Valentine

My daughter made these last year when she was 4-years old and she had so much fun gluing on the eyes, filling the bags with candy and making the pipe cleaner antennas.  I had her write her name on slips of red paper that we clipped in the clothespin.  This year she wants to make them again but with jellybeans instead of M&Ms.


  • Clear Snack Size Ziplock Baggies
  • Pink 2.9” Clothes Pins
  • Small Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Red Pipe Cleaners
  • Pink & Red M&Ms or Jellybeans
  • Colored Cardstock Paper

Hey Smartie Valentine

My daughter made these when she was 3-years old.  They don’t take a lot of assembly and she was able to stick the smarties on with the masking tape by herself.  Super easy!


  • Printed Cards *Click below for FREE Printable*
  • Smarties
  • Valentines 15mm Masking Tape



Hot Wheels Valentine

These were perfect last year for my 2-year old son.  I actually used the same snack size ziplock baggies for these as we did for the Candy Butterflies.  Once the cards where printed and cut all my son had to do was put the cars in the bags and then I stapled them together.


  • Printed Cards *Click below for FREE Printable*
  • Clear Snack Size Ziplock Baggies
  • Hot Wheels/Matchbox Cars
  • Stapler


XOXO – Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. Some other handmade Valentine Inspo from past years all made with paper, ribbon, etc. found around the house!

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