I know I’m not alone here mommas! Getting my kiddos up, fed, dressed, and out the door in the mornings feels like an impossible feat some days. Are you over the frustration and nagging? It’s a new year and the perfect time for a new routine!

I’m guilty of shuffling my kids out the door without finishing breakfast or even brushing their teeth due to a 15-minute argument over a pair of socks and not being able to find last night’s homework. The biggest secret to a successful morning routine is to prepare the night before. Set yourself and your kiddos up for success in the morning by getting backpacks ready, lunches packed, school clothes laid out, etc. the night prior. Read School Lunches Kids Will Make + Love Eating for an easy solution to take the stress out of packing school lunches!

Get organized by creating a routine. If you Kids are at an age where they can be more independent than try creating a morning routine that allows them to do more on their own. Most children are not self-starters, but with a little encouragement you can teach your kids to follow a routine that will make mornings more pleasant for everyone.

How to Create a 3-Step Morning Routine:

  1. Make a List: List out everything that needs to happen each morning
  2. Allocate Time: Allocate time for each task and work backwards
  3. Chart It: Chart tasks + time in a way your children can understand

Make a List

Start by making a list of everything your child/children need to do in the morning from waking-up to walking out the door. For example, include things like go potty, make bed, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, etc. It seems obvious, but raise your hand if you’ve gotten to the car and realized no one brushed their teeth.

Allocate Time

Allocate time for each task. How long it realistically takes for your kids to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, etc. By laying clothes out the night before you will save yourself the headache of arguing over clothes in the morning.

Now that you have times allocated for each task work backwards to determine what time you need to wake-up your kids…and then build in another 10-minutes as buffer for meltdowns, dawdling, etc. Even with the best plan in place life happens so I try to get my kids up a little early. I also like to have breakfast on the table right before I wake my kids up so that they can sit right down and start eating. We have found that sitting at the breakfast nook instead of in front of cartoons has helped move everything along in the mornings on school days. Less distraction! I give 10- and 5-minute warnings when it’s time to move onto getting dressed.

Chart It

Depending on the age of your kids this could be done several ways. I’ve provided a printable that I’ve started to use with my 3-year and 5-year olds. *If you are subscribed to the blog you can access the Morning Routine Printable in the Content Library*

Also encourage your kids to stay on track by asking “What’s next on the list” when they’ve completed a task. Help your kiddos by being organized momma, it will save everyone a lot of stress in the mornings, most importantly you!

Now don’t forget, in order for it to be a routine you have to reinforce the behavior daily! Keep it up momma and you might just have time for a second cup of coffee and extra some snuggles!

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