In need of quick and easy meals this Fall? Cozy up with these Autumn Instapot soups that come together in just minutes! Don’t have an Instapot? Use my Instapot Conversion Chart to make these soups stovetop or in a crockpot.

Fall is in full swing and I’ve been craving soup!  Instapot White Chicken Chili comes together in just 30-minutes (only 10-minutes to prep) and this Pumpkin Chili is perfect fireside on a chilly fall night.  Don’t have an Instapot?  No worries, you can still pull these soups together on the stove top or in a crockpot with my Instapot Conversation Chart below.

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Why an Instapot?

If you don’t already have an Instapot, here is why you should!  I love to cook, but who has time to spend hours in the kitchen with kids to feed, homework, sports practices? When it comes to weeknight dinners these days efficiency is my MO. I recently got an Instapot and I’m obsessed!  Why? Because it takes no time to whip up a meal! This is something every mom needs in her kitchen (in addition to an Air Fryer – but that’s a post for another day).

If you don’t know, an Instapot is a pressure cooker that cooks food in a fraction of the time.   I’ve been using mine a minimum 3x a week! This is the most efficient kitchen appliance!  Not only is the cook time reduced with an Instapot, but similar to a crackpot once you’ve put all your ingredients in simply turn it on and walk away.  Voilà! You can even use the “pot” to sauté and save yourself the hassle of cleaning another dish. Here is the one I have!

Warning!  The first time I used my Instapot and did the “quick release” I nearly jumped out of my skin!  It makes a loud sound and steam comes shooting out of the valve so be prepared momma and stand back!

Efficiency Tip #1

Cut corners in the kitchen and buy pre-diced onions, chopped cilantro and pressed garlic in a tube! This tip just saved you 5-minutes of prep time momma!

Efficiency Tip #2

The key to being efficient in the kitchen is to inventory your ingredients before you start your recipe.  This may sound silly, but trust me, this will save you time.  Raise your hand if you’ve started a recipe and about halfway through realized you’re missing a key ingredient?  Been there, done that! Now I make it a habit to get everything out and organized before I start.  This way if I am missing something then I scrape the receipt for that night and make something else.

For example, here is what I pulled out before I made my Instapot White Chicken Chili last week (recipe available in content library). Be sure to include spices. For whatever reason I always get the main ingredients on the grocery list, but every once in awhile I forget to inventory my spices when I make my shopping list. Especially with soups there seems to be a lot of spices so make sure you have what you need.

Efficiency Tip #3

Keep these 10 items in your pantry for a lazy night when you need to throw something together.  These are all staples in my kitchen. As you will see on the recipe card all the ingredients needed for the White Chicken Chili Soup are on this list.  All you need is chicken which I almost always have in my freezer if not fresh in my fridge.

  1. Diced Green Chilis
  2. Diced Tomatoes
  3. Rotel
  4. Canned White Beans
  5. Chicken Broth
  6. Chicken Stock
  7. Pressed Garlic
  8. Minced Garlic
  9. Red Onion
  10. Yellow Onion

Efficiency Tip #4

My favorite thing to cook in my Instapot is chicken!  Raw chicken cooks in just 10-minutes (frozen is 15-minutes).  I used to pick-up a rotisserie chicken every week to serve the kids, include in weeknight recipes and on top of salads for lunch. However, I hate deboning and shredding a rotisserie by hand – ick!  I get the same result with the Instapot and no mess. Less sodium and fat than a rotisserie when you use boneless skinless chicken breast.  Winning!

Efficiency Tip #5

I ordered these claws about a week after I started to use my Instapot and they’re awesome!  Highly recommended for shredding meat.  Best $10 you’ll spend this week momma!

Fall Soup Recipes!

Now that the weather is changing and it’s getting chilly outside I especially love making soups.  Here are two of my favorite soup recipes that are done in just minutes .   Both can be made in a crockpot or stove top by using my Instapot Conversation Chart. Download these soup recipes + conversion chart and enjoy!

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